Mr. E’s Solve-it-torium currently has four exciting escape rooms to choose from. Each one is packed with puzzles, riddles and thrilling mystery! Choose any adventure, or do them in order and see how the story unfolds!

Our first three rooms are available at both our Medicine Hat and Fort McMurray locations. Click here to directions to both of our locations.

Mr.E's Manor, Escape room

Your story begins... 

The wealthy Mr. E has disappeared mysteriously.  Rumour has it that Monsieur E. Ville wanted him dead for his fortune. If only the missing will could be found.... Can you solve the mystery?

Warning: This room is a haunted house and contains occult themes. We do not suggest this room for groups with young children, or if supernatural references make players uncomfortable.


(4-6 people recommended)

(2 people minimum)

The second chapter in your adventure... 

Following your previous adventure, you discover Mr. E's Museum now has on display "The Cat's Eye", the largest ruby in the world. Heist the precious gem... if you can!

(4-6 people recommended)

(2 people minimum)

The third chapter in your adventure...

After your last endeavor didn't go as planned, you've found yourself in quite a predicament. If you're lucky, Warden E. Ville won't have his way...

(4 people minimum)

(4-6 recommended)

Exclusive to Fort McMurray

The fourth chapter in your adventure...

After escaping prison with the ruby, you arrive at Mr. E's Warehouse. Since solving the Manor, misfortune has followed you since. You'll need to right his wrongs and reverse the curse before it's too late...

(2 people minimum)

(4-6 recommended)

Exclusive to Medicine Hat

(Opening Next Weekend!!)

A prequel to your adventures...

Long before their famous stories, Mr.E, Mrs. Cape and Monsieur E. Ville all went to school together. Before feuds there was friendships, before love there was laughter. Experience the history of the mystery....

(4 people minimum)

(4-6 recommended)

Hours of fun (Contact us to request outside hours) 

Medicine Hat Location:

Thursday - 6pm - 945pm

Friday 6pm - 945pm

Saturday  - 2pm - 930pm

Sunday, 2pm - 815pm

Appointment only

Fort McMurray Location:

Click BOOK NOW for availability


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Medicine Hat Location

953 South Railway Street SE

Medicine Hat, AB

T1B 2W3

Fort McMurray Location 

10216 Centennial Dr

Fort McMurray, AB

T9H 1Y5